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    All the tools green transportation needs for fast and efficient deliveries

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    Use BikeMike on desktop, tablet and smartphone. BikeMike is cloud native and mobile first.

  • Manage your Ecofleet

    Easily manage all users and customers

BikeMike comes fully featured and secured.
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A complete solution

BikeMike has been created in close cooperation with Bike Messenger companies.


From pick-up to delivery and everything in between


Easy upload all your clients and their addresses

Real time API

Connect instantly to local ecommerce, shops, restaurants,.. with our REST API


Dispatching and automated job alerting


Have the client sign on smartphone or tablet


Find the location in just one click


All product and pricing structures possible


Automated and digital invoicing of your clients


Reduce your administrative overhead with > 70%


Assign roles to colleagues or collaborate


Save paper, money and time


Detailed reports on product, client and messenger level

Do you want customization?

Gabriele is one of the messengers that is using BikeMike every day to manage his deliveries:

“My company evolves, and so does the market. When an important client wanted to receive real time the PODs by email, BikeMike developed it in no time”

ask for a development

BikeMike is pure homemade code, not integrated softwares and external codes. BikeMike is taylormade and customisable. When you use BikeMike it just works.

Your workflow under control

From the order till the invoice, BikeMike offers real time and reliable notifications. The faster the service, the happier the client!

  • Clients order via your webpage or your app

  • Receive automated alerts

  • Dispatch now or schedule jobs for later

  • Delivery and Signing

  • Automated Invoicing and Reporting

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BikeMike Technology

You deserve the latest technology to provide the best service

Energy efficient

Use the app all day on your mobile device

Intuitive Design

Manage and deliver faster


Your BikeMike app stimulate your growth

Real Time

Each event is real time, including alerting


Your data are encrypted, protected and saved


Always available. Never miss a client again


Add quickly a feature to BikeMike, upon your request


Automatically receive orders and alerts

The time is Now

Be ready and get the next generation solution, to reduce your costs and offer the best and fastest possible service to your clients. See the latest figures of the European B2C E-commerce market:

Million jobs created

Active websites

Billion parcels

Estimated growth in 2015

Our Prices

We offer great pricing plans. without fixed costs or minimum duration. Find the one that suits your needs. You can ask us for a special quotation.

Same day
starting at


Same day

Price per address

Notification & invoice

Order Now

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Real time

Price per address

Special e-notifications

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* “Confirmed letters” get a special status in BikeMike. Unlike the post you can provide real time follow-up of the confirmed letters: In a tour of Confirmed letters deliveries, the client receives automatically by email a document with all PODs of the tour, in real time.

Meet BikeMike


Sacha Thommes

Manager & Founder

I managed dual expertise IT/Finance projects on Capital Markets and Stock Exchange for a decade. Open source enthusiast and serial entrepreneur, I started ReyeR and BikeMike back in 2013 with a vision of a society more respectful of human, nature and resources.

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